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Credit Card Consolidation

Credit card debt can be a nightmare every month. You keep making payments and the principal only changes a little. Of course, if you miss a payment or two, you might worry about the hit to your credit, on top of all the late fees. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Optimal Debt Solutions is here to help you compare multiple debt relief options.

Credit Card Debt Help Options

When browsing ways to handle your credit card debt, you’ll probably come across debt settlement and debt consolidation. Debt settlement has you set aside money so that a debt negotiator can resolve your debt, often for less than you owe. A credit card consolidation loan helps you pay credit card debt faster — with just one payment. Our debt calculator makes it easy to compare choices.

Consolidating or Settling Credit Card Debt

Debt settlement doesn’t happen overnight, but you might be surprised how simple the process can be:

  • Get a free consultation about your credit card debt.
  • Determine a payment plan based on eligible debts.
  • Set up your savings account to deposit payments, instead of sending it to creditors.
  • Optimal Debt Solutions negotiates to settle your debt, then collects a fee.
  • Confirm that the payment is resolved on your credit.

If you’re looking for a consolidation loan or credit card refinancing, you’ll have to apply with a lender and consider options based on your income and credit.

Benefits of Credit Debt Relief

Debt Settlement

  • Only pay what you can afford
  • Resolves debt months or years faster than regular repayment
  • Settles your accounts for less than the total
  • Helps you avoid bankruptcy, which can be worse for your credit

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan

  • Easier to manage one payment
  • Might cost less money than credit card debt
  • Predictable loan term instead of rolling payments
  • On-time payments help maintain your credit

Other Options

  • Pay on your own
  • Credit Counseling program
  • Bankruptcy

Call Optimal Debt Solutions for Credit Debt Help

If you’re buried in credit card debt and need help, contact Optimal Debt Solutions. Every day, our debt settlement company assists people like you in consolidating credit card debt. We will work on your behalf to settle all accounts. For more information, talk to a debt analyst today.

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